Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Too Smart" Comedy Show starts with end of Comedy Reffee

"Too Smart" Comedy Show hosted by Riley Fox
Comedy Reffee at Remedy Coffee came to an end last week, but with the end of one open-mic a new one is born!

"Too Smart" Comedy Show at 11 Cafe
Are you tired of the same ol' dumb dick-n'-fart jokes that plague so many comedy open mic nights? Do you enjoy and appreciate jokes with a higher IQ than your shoe size? Have you ever wished for a comedy show that was as smart as you, you uppity smartypants ninny-muggins, you? Well, YOU'RE IN LUCK, because The "TOO SMART!" Comedy Show makes its GLORIOUS DEBUT at 11 Cafe in downtown Knoxville on Wednesday, April 4th @ 8PM, and runs every Wednesday night thereafter, hosted by Riley Fox!

The "TOO SMART!" Comedy Show is a show-up-go-up-style open mic in which smart comedy flies, and dumb comedy dies. (That means don't waltz in here with your jokes about dicks n' shit!) Come out and see some of the best and brightest stand-up comedians from the East Tennessee area at Knoxville's newest, hottest open mic comedy show EVERY WEDNESDAY @ 8PM at 11 Cafe, as they polish new material in a friendly workshop atmosphere. Open sign-ups begin at 7:30PM, and first-timers are welcome! Performances will be timed and lighted accordingly depending on allotted set lengths.No cover! Non-smoking! 18+! $2 drafts! Presented by KnoxComedy.com!


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